A world first!

Kantar Media's watermarking technologies are used by polling institutes to measure audiences in France. We are the first in the world to integrate these two technologies, SNAP and INK, into Eolementhe, our web-based media workflow platform: 
✅ Watermark all your content through our Saas platform Eolementhe 
✅Benefit from the revolutionary new INK technology, which offers greater granularity in audience measurement, particularly for advertising.

Insert watermaking in just a few clicks on Eolementhe!

Upload your content to Eolementhe, fill in your metadata and Eolementhe applies the audience measurement watermark to your content, according to the technology you want (SNAP or INK)!

> Your content is ready to be detected by pollsters!

Watermark detection

Want to check that your content already watermarked with Kantar Media technologies is compliant? 

Upload it to Eolementhe and get instant results!

What are the benefits of watermarking?


Media TV & radios

Measure the performance of your editorial and advertising media, on all screens and consumption modes: live, SVOD, replay, web, etc.

Brands & advertisers

Get accurate audience metrics to identify relevant & profitable advertising channels


Promote advertising space to advertisers.


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