Why use a Quality Control solution?

Les solutions Baton répondent entre autres aux cas d'usage suivants : 
- Vérification de la qualité des médias reçus 
- Mise en conformité des médias avant envoi aux diffuseurs Validation des prérequis de qualité attendus par les clients : spécifications plateformes SVOD, broadcasters… Diffuseurs - Vérification des contenus reçus pour la diffusion - Vérification par rapport aux normes attendues par les FAI


- Verification of the quality of media received 
- Compliance of media before delivery to broadcasters 
- Validation of quality prerequisites expected by customers: SVOD platform specifications, broadcasters, etc.


- Verification of content received for broadcast 
- Verification against standards expected by ISPs



Automated file-based quality control solution 
Videomenthe is the exclusive reseller of Interra Systems quality control solutions in France.


Quality Control in the cloud with Eolementhe
From production to distribution, streamline your file exchanges by having them validated by Eolementhe, the web verification portal that integrates BATON, the leading QC tool!

Quality Control with Baton from Interra Systems

Automated file-based quality control solution 
- One of the most comprehensive quality control solutions on the market - High-performance, enterprise-wide scalability 
- Integration with MAM / DAM / Transcoders / Workflow solutions 
- Sophisticated data analysis, content verification and correction


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 Quality Control in the cloud 
with Eolementhe©

Eolementhe pilots several quality control tools - Media Info, Qscan, Photon and especially Baton from Interra Systems - to analyze your media. 

Choose the tool and upload your own test plans to the portal! Or let us create your test plans and select the tool best suited to your needs. 

For monthly, annual or PAYG use, please contact us!

Comprehensive catalog 
of test plans

Test-plans to the specifications of French & European broadcasters, and international VOD platforms

Automatic QC

the reference tool on the market, used by all broadcasters! Precise analysis reports, based on hundreds of criteria.

financial model

No Capex investment required. Subscription or pay-per-use (cost per minute).

Eolementhe© enables us to meet our clients’ criteria in terms of quality of files, while guaranteeing us a secure environment. Another important point is that as the workflow is created entirely in the Cloud, we enjoy the benefit of a flexible, scalable financial model.

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