Cambria FTC transcoding solution from Capella Systems


Eolementhe©: Saas transconding
You don't have the tools in-house and don't want to invest, or you have workload peaks that need to be outsourced to the cloud? Eolementhe© integrates several transcoding tools to process your files.

Cambria FTC

Cambria FTC transcoding software imports and exports most of the digital video formats used by professionals, including H.264, HEVC, HDR and Sony XDCAM. 
- REST API available 
- Wide choice of codecs supported 
- Transcoding speed greater than source file size 
- Color correction filters 
- Audio mapping filters

Exceptional video quality

- Highest quality codecs (x264, x265) 
- High quality deinterlacer 
- Motion-compensated frame rate converter 
- 10-, 12- or 16-bits support for formats and filters

Superior transcoding speed

- GPU support for HEVC encoding (Linux) 
- Growing import file support 
- Highly scalable with cloud support in Linode and AWS

Innovative features

- Source adaptive bitrate ladder for DASH/HLS 
- Scriptable workflows 
- OCR 
- SCTE-35 ad marker insertion


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Transcoding in the cloud, with Eolementhe©

Eolementhe pilots several transcoding tools - Cambria FTC, Harmonic's WFS (still in use!) and the Swiss army knife FFMPEG - to cover all the different video formats currently in use (ready-to-broadcast files, archive, SVOD, web, etc.). 

Choose the tool and load your own presets into the portal! 

Or let us create your presets and select the tool best suited to your needs. For monthly, annual or PAYG use, please contact us!

Technical & editorial metadata management

Do you want to supply your partner broadcaster, post producer or lab? To meet your partners' requirements, Eolementhe lets you add specific metadata forms (technical and editorial) to your transcoding workflow, such as metapad, AS10, etc., or a customized form. 

The form can then be exported in PDF format for sharing with your collaborators!

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