Minnetonka solutions: a response to the R128 standard

Les solutions Minnetonka : une réponse à la norme R128

The R128 standard provides recommendations for measuring and controlling loudness levels in media production and broadcasting. The aim is to ensure consistency of loudness levels between different programs, channels and devices to provide a more enjoyable listening experience. 

The recommendations are based on the LUFS measurement standard, which provides a more accurate measure of perceived loudness. To implement the R128 standard, sound engineers must use LUFS-compliant measurement tools to maintain a consistent loudness level throughout the program, typically around -23 LUFS for stereo programs. 

The recommendations also include guidelines for maximum True Peak levels and Loudness Range (LRA). True Peak levels measure the highest level of a signal and should be kept below -1 dBTP to avoid distortion. LRA measures the difference between the loud and quiet parts of a program, and must be controlled to maintain a consistent listening experience. 

At the start of November, the EBU released the latest supplement to their R128 specification, to solve sound level problems in cinematic content. R128 s4 requests that the "loudness-to-dialog ratio" of cinematic content be reduced to no greater than 5 LU. 

Great news: AudioTools Server already includes everything you need to be R128 s4 compliant. With the ability to directly target the difference between the dialog loudness and the overall loudness, Advanced Loudness Adaptation is the perfect tool for delivering R128 s4-compliant audio.

Discover Minnetonka solutions to help you apply these recommendations!


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Audio Tools Server (ATS)

Enterprise' file workflow software: manage and process PCM, Dolby E, Dolby Digital, and Dolby Digital Plus audio, as well as the audio essence present in MXF and QuickTime® clips. 

Dialog normalization processing options
: EBU R128 and ATSC A/85 specifications can handle loudness variations throughout the program. However, heterogeneous dialogue levels between programs are always complicated to handle. ATS solves this by targeting and adapting the difference between program and dialogue loudness. When the intelligibility of dialogue is problematic, a new technology developed by Fraunhofer and integrated into the ATS, Dialog +, helps to remedy the situation. 

Analyze and correct your audio levels with the Minnetonka plugin in our Eolementhe© portal.

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Workflow Creator application for building AudioTools Server workflows from templates or from scratch

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Audio Tools Focus

Easy-to-use standalone audio normalisation solution 
- TV-standard media settings 
- Normalisation presets available for direct use + customisation 
- High performance audio track analysis 
- Watermark metadata management 
- Advanced file analysis according to broadcast standards: complete compliance with North American (CALM) & international loudness control standards including: EBU R 128, ARIB TR-B32 & OP-59 
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Our loudness solutions services

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