Video consumption habits have changed dramatically in recent years. Television is no longer the only medium, and the living room is no longer the only place to watch. Video is now nomadic, carried by the different types of screen used. 

New platforms, new viewing modes and locations: Mediamétrie takes a look back at video consumption in 2023 in its annual study "L'Année TV", published on 18 January, and the impact of these habits on the models of existing players and audience measurement!


In 2023, the French spent an average of 4 hours 37 minutes a day watching video, down slightly on 2022. Unsurprisingly, video on demand (VoD) accounts for a large proportion of French consumption, peaking at 33% of the total, up 7 points since 2019. 

The range of video-on-demand services has never been greater, including : 
- SVoD (Subscription Video on Demand) platforms: Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Plus, etc. 
- AVoD (Advertising Video on Demand) platforms: RakutenTV, Samsung TV+, etc. 
- Social platforms such as Meta, YouTube, etc. 
- BVoD (Broadcaster Video on Demand) platforms, offered by traditional channels, offering replay services, previews (viewing programmes before they are broadcast live) and FAST (Free Ad-Supported Streaming TV) channels (France Télévisions' Slash, for example). 

The majority of content consumed on BVoD platforms is viewed on television screens (78%), with a marked preference among young adults (44% of replay viewers are aged between 15 and 49). 

In 2023, replay will attract even more viewers, with twice as many programmes exceeding 500,000 viewers in 5 years, underlining the growing success of these platforms, where fiction accounts for 53% of consumption.

Live TV audiences fuelled by news and sport

Despite the emergence of platforms and VoD, live TV viewing is holding up well, accounting for 67% of French people's video time

News is watched live to the tune of 99%, and sport also occupies a prominent place, with 98% of content watched live. The Mediamétrie study also reveals that the best audience in 2023 was generated by the quarter-final of the Rugby World Cup between France and South Africa!

Television and SVoD: time for partnerships

The time for observation is over, and the relationship between the major SVoD platforms and traditional broadcasters has evolved into a partnership marked by content exchanges, broadcasting agreements and co-productions

In sport, for example, Prime Video co-broadcasts the French Open with France Télévisions (a partnership that has been renewed until 2027) and the French Ligue 1 with Canal +. SVOD also offers original tournaments broadcast live, such as the Netflix Cup, a golf competition, or The Netflix Slam, a tennis match between Nadal and Alcaraz in Las Vegas, which will be broadcast on 3 March 2024. 

SVOD platforms are also taking inspiration from TV trends in entertainment and reality TV (Popstars, a show originally broadcast by M6, has been announced for Prime Video in 2024, for example).

New audience measurement for Mediametrie

Changes in video consumption patterns are raising new challenges for audience measurement. As we mentioned in our December article, Mediametrie will be incorporating new audience measurement methods in 2024, to take account of all these new modes of consumption. 

As of January 2024, these new measurements will include 100% of households and screens, even those not equipped with a television, as explained in this explanatory video. 

Mediametrie will be stepping up its audience measurement in 2024 with 4 additional stages: 
- cross-media advertising measurement in the second quarter 
- "preview" measurement from this summer 
- measurement of platforms at brand level, in the third quarter 
- finally, measurement of platform content at the end of the year. 

Platforms have profoundly changed the audiovisual landscape, but for the time being they are not subject to the same audience measurement 'rules' as traditional players. Platform audiences are currently opaque, relying mainly on self-declaration. 

With these new steps, Mediamétrie will provide the audience for video platforms using new technologies from its partner Nielsen. These platforms will finally be measured by an external third party using the same indicators as TV channels. 

This is a very positive development for brands and advertisers, who will now be able to see the potential reach of their ads before they are broadcast.

Watermarking, a key tool for measuring the audience for content

In this context, the ability to accurately assess the audience and engagement generated by advertising on each distribution channel is crucial to making informed decisions about the allocation of advertising budgets. 

Videomenthe has positioned itself as an ally for agencies and brands by offering a simple solution for applying Kantar Media watermarking. 

Kantar Media watermarking technologies are used by polling institutes to measure audiences in France. We are the first in the world to integrate these two technologies, SNAP and INK, into Eolementhe, our web-based media workflow platform
Watermark all your content through our Saas platform Eolementhe in a simple way, ✅Benefit from the revolutionary new INK technology, which offers greater granularity in audience measurement, particularly for advertising. 

This approach provides accurate audience measurement, not only by content, but also by distribution channel, whether TV, digital, radio, etc.

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